Jake's Seafood House is proud to partner with North Coast Seafood of Boston, Massachusetts. North Coast is a fully integrated, globally sourced seafood processor, importer, and exporter of high quality seafood that is sold directly to retailers and food distributors. The company is a "first receiver," meaning the fish is transported directly from the water to its facilities. North Coast then ships to Sysco Eastern Maryland, three times a week, and from there, it is shipped to our restaurants. Through this program our customers enjoy fish that are 5-10 days fresher than the industry average!

Unfortunately, only 1% of all seafood processors meet Grade A standards.

This is because it is voluntary - there is added cost and the facilities are subject to governmental inspections. So why is North Coast above the rest?

Grade A is the minimum at North Coast.

When North Coast's team of inspectors grade each vat of fish, they judge the quality by uniformity, thickness/density, color, fatty vs. lean proportion, texture, odor, and blemishes, workmanship defects, etc.

The U.S. standard for a Grade A is 85 or above. North Coast holds themselves and their Grade A products to higher standards - a score of 90.

North Coast is a large company but still maintains very close relationships with fishermen worldwide. They seek out good captains and only purchase extremely high quality Grade A proteins - this means paying top dollar for the best seafood. Most fish graded at these facilities receive a grade of 95 or above.

North Coast is committed to quality - like Jake's!

In addition to its strict grading, North Coast operates an on-site microbiological lab for advanced bacterial testing and concurrent sampling by the U.S. Department of Commerce and their own trained employees. North Coast voluntarily participates in quarterly federal inspections and third party audits, and its inoculation lab does testing in real time, usually taking less than 24 hours to receive pathogen analysis of species. These methods and state-of-the-art facilities help North Coast meet and exceed FDA protocols; the facilities have even become training facilities for the FDA!

Jake's is excited to partner with North Coast Seafood to bring to Rehoboth Beach the best quality seafood available. We are committed to quality and service, and are proud to serve this quality fish.


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